Full Rules


  • Warnings: First warning -> Second warning -> Final warning -> Removed from Rising Logistics.
  • Warnings expire after 3 months from when issued.
  • No more than 3 active bans from TruckersMP.
  • All information, achievements and skill qualifications are deleted upon leaving Rising Logistics.
  • After you re-join Rising, you cannot claim XP rewards until you reach the rank you had previously.
  • You can only apply to Rising 3 months after leaving; you must wait a year if you leave a third time.
  • No double-vtcing, double-logging or managing another company whilst in Rising Logistics.
  • Drivers may have a maximum of 1 month total Leave of Absence per quarter, during which Activity Requirements do not apply.
  • Driver must resign using the resignation form.
  • Driver must request LOA using theĀ LOA request form.


  • Official company Tag required at any convoy.
  • Your tag must either be ‘Rising Logistics’ or ‘Rising | ‘ followed by anything permitted by TruckersMP.
  • Official company Paint Job required at any convoy for truck and trailer.
  • You may use Rising’s Heavy Haul paint job , but only at heavy haul convoys on an 8×4 chassis.
  • Truck and trailer is mandatory at any convoy Rising attends, except at special Private Convoys.
  • Only single trailers are allowed at Public events.
  • Departing: In order from left -> right or right -> left. Event Managers have final say.
  • No overtaking at any time.
  • Maintain enough distance – at least 50m unless under 20km/h.
  • Your may not have a cargo heavier than 15 tonnes, except in a heavy haul convoy.

XP System

  • You must claim your DLC reward within 1 week. Use this form: Claim XP Reward
  • You may only redeem DLC rewards to your own account.
  • For every 100km job delivered you earn 1XP point. The XP is only rounded down in the foreground, so every kilometre is counted.
  • If you have less than <1% damage on your truck, trailer and cargo by the end of a job you get an extra 20% XP. 
  • Attending a convoy gives you 3 times the XP of the convoy route length. 
  • Passing an Examination. The XP amount depends on the difficulty of the test. Ranges from 10 to 60 XP.
  • Get Driver of the Month by logging the most XP of the month. = 50XP 
  • Participating and winning the Picture of the Month award gives you 50XP. The winner is decided by the combined vote of Management. 
  • If your suggested convoy route is accepted, you get 10XP.
  • Being a staff member. Further details in applications.
  • Warnings incur the corresponding XP penalties: First 50XP, Second 100XP, Third 250XP.
  • If you fall back a ranking on the ranking system because of an XP deduction you cannot claim another prize if you reach that rank again.


  • Attend 2 convoys or log 2000km per month.


Not Allowed

  • Repeatedly send the same message, image, emoji or gif.
  • Posting content that aggravates or discriminates against any member.
  • Posting content that defaces the company and blemishes its reputation.
  • Bad-mouth any other person, group or company. 
  • Taking on personal quarrels with members in Rising channels. Take it to DMs if you must.
  • TMP, ETS and ATS related topics only.
  • Profanity and arguments in Stream voice channel.
  • You will be banned for breaching Discord TOS or Community Guidelines, without evidence.


  • Healthy arguments about communal or controversial topics. Keep the conversation pleasant for other members.
  • Using a channel for its unintended purpose to add to the conversation at hand.