About Us

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Rising Logistics has come a long way and it’s truly been an awesome journey!

Take a look into our past and get a feel for where we come from. See where we are now and what we have achieved up to today. Dream with us, and look into the future at our plans, projects and ideas!

A look back in time...

23 Apr 2020
Founded by Linardinio and TheYeeter
Rising Logistics Founded
16 May 2020
Rising Logistics reached 10 drivers.
10 Driver Milestone
6 June 2020
Validated by TruckersMP
Rising Logistics is Validated
31 Sep 2020
New Company Slogan
Rising Together
15 March 2021
GreenPepper2 stepped up as CEO
CEO, GreenPepper2
23 Apr 2021
Rising Logistics 1 Year Anniversary
Rising Turns One
2 Sep 2021
Logo and Paint Job Rebrand
A New Look
15 Nov 2021
50 Drivers and 500 Discord Members
50 Driver Milestone
5th Feb 2022
50 Drivers and 500 Discord Members
Tracker and Driver's Hub Released
23 Apr 2022
Rising Logistics 2 Year Anniversary
Rising Turns Two

Our goals for the future...

Single Player Livery

An exclusive paint job to use on your truck and trailer Singleplayer or SCSMP.


We want to be able to track Rising Drivers on a live map to pop in for a drive or find in a convoy.