Rising Together

About Us

Rising Logistics is one of many unique virtual trucking companies.

We host convoys every other week that’s always aimed to be unique to the previous.

Public Convoys

Rising Logistics hosts public events on TruckersMP every second week. We enjoy a lovely trip together with good company and beautiful scenery.

Rising Races

The Drivers enjoy a more thrilling twist to trucking as well. We host private races and marathons every week on Arcade for that adrenaline rush!

Driver Birthdays

On a Driver's birthday we get together for a casual drive to celebrate their special day. Just a little event to make them feel at home.

Picture of the Week

Every week a picture sent by our drivers is chosen to be featured online. 

It inspires creativity within the company and creates a fun atmosphere by taking pictures.

Driver of the Month

We want to acknowledge and recognize our drivers’ hard work and dedication to the company with this award. 

We appreciate their dedication, initiative and overall friendliness when interacting with fellow drivers or superiors.

Initiative to suggest ideas, take part in staff teams and attend events.

Monthly DLC Award

Each month the Driver that logs the most kilometres wins any DLC of their choice.

Although, the leaderboard is very competitive so it’s hard to win!


Patrons in the Silver Tier get their own voice channel and choose custom emojis for the server.

Gold Tier patrons will get an exclusive Rising Cap after 3 months of patronage and they also have access to restricted staff moderation channels.

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